Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn money with

1. Completing a task provided by the advertiser. Please Check Offer Walls and CPA/GPT page.
2. Earn reward and commissions by referring friends.
3. Watching Video.
Visit our Forum for more information.

Start earning click EARN --> Offer Walls or CPA/GPT


What are the Offers and Tasks, how do they work?

A Tasks or Offers is simply a set of instructions that you follow, and get paid for it. Make sure you follow all the instructions stated by each task to earn the reward.


Can I invite my friends?

Yes, we provide you with a referral link to invite your friends, so they can sign up under you.
Membership/Commissions Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Standard 5% 2.5% 1%
Premium 7% 3.5% 1.75%
Super Premium 8% 4% 2%

For more information about membership, go to Membership Information Page.


Is there any good referral programs in

I share a home with someone else, Can we each have a account?

To protect integrity, only one account per household is permitted. This is strictly enforced.


Can I log in using same IP address with other Member?

No, your account will be automatically suspended.

VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t try to create more than 1 account on We can easily find it out and your account will be terminated. allow only one account per house. In technical words, allow only one account per IP address or 1 account per MAC address.


Can I use VPN or Proxy?

No, if you use VPN, Proxy or anonymizing serving you will be banned.


What is the minimum age to join

The minimum age is 13 years or older.


When and how will I get paid (Cashout)?

Your earnings will be sent by your method of choice provided that some conditions are met. Your cashout will be entered in the pending queue to be processed and will be done in the order it's received usually within 2 business days. If your payment has not been processed within 2 days, then please contact our support team HERE.

For new account and first time Cashout request, the process can be delayed up to 7 business days. Please be patient, we need to check to in case of any fraudulent activity.


Cashout Options and Conditions.

Method Min Cashout Fee When
PayPal $1 $0.1 Flat up to 7 days

Local Bank


$2 $0.1 Flat up to 7 days


How to convert my Points to Main Balance?

Go to tab MONEY --> TRANSFER. In this page, you can choose to transfer your points to the main balance.
Also on this page, you can choose to transfer you MAIN BALANCE or COMMISSION to PURCHASE balance.
Please remember, once you transfer your balance or commission to purchase balance, you cannot transfer it back to main balance.


What is Purchase Balance?

It's your balance to purchase something in ex:
- Buy CPA/GPT Offer Credits,
- Buy Banner ads Pack,


Do I need to pay to become a member?

No, being a member on is absolutely FREE.
Premium and Super Premium memberships at are reserved for members who have the ability to recruit more than 250 new members as their downline. For members who upgrade their membership, they will also get more advantages. For example, they will get more commissions from their downlines, and more flexible to withdraw funds. For more information about membership, go to Membership Information Page.


Which country can join?

We are open to all countries.



Any users suspected of cheating will be investigated and disciplined. This may include immediate suspension of your account, with all earnings being forfeited.
Cheating may include, but not limited to:
- Creating multiple accounts (only one account is allowed per household)
- Use of VPN/Proxies or any anonymizing serving.
- Providing false information to receive points.
- Completing the same offer multiple times
Shoutbox Rules
1. Do not use the shoutbox for any type of advertising purpose.
2. Do not spam the shoutbox.
3. No vulgarity, offensive language or racism.

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If you need anything, please contact our support team HERE.